Meet the Band


aka: Graham. Vocal God.

Owns a sparkly wireless microphone that works a considerable distance away from the band. Many times he has been singing, while actually sitting at home in his favourite chair catching up with a box-set.

When performing, Danger is literally possessed by the spirit of Dangermouse & cannot accept any responsibility for his actions. The gyrations of his lower torso have, on many occasions, caused every member of an audience to faint, leaving only the band conscious, forcing them to step over people as they pack up.

So far he has resisted wearing the Dangermouse outfit, but we all know, it is just a matter of time (especially as many female fans have asked for this in writing).

Favourite colour: Red (for Danger)

 Favourite amphibian: Salamander


 aka: (Jerry Mouse),  Guitar archangel.

The only Mouse actually born with a Mouse name, Jerry has just returned from a sabbatical from the band, after being profoundly disturbed by Mickey Cheddar’s on-stage behaviour. He spent four years meditating in a Buddhist temple but unfortunately no-one had been cutting his grass while he was away and to get the garden back into shape he was forced to get back on the road with the band.  He is now back, wowing audiences with his fretboard gymnastics.  

 With his managerial experience, he is also in charge of band discipline and has been known to smack members of the rhythm section to bring them into line (although Speedy actually believes this is now illegal).  

Favourite colourPuce

Favourite amphibianPoison Arrow Frog


aka: Derek. (full stage name: Micky Cheddar) Bass-Bishop & Rhythm King, owns 5403 bass guitars – all the colours, in all the sizes!

Micky, in conjunction with his rhythm buddy Speedy, lays down killer grooves that have been known to make an audience weep, such is the emotion induced.  His powerful bass accompaniment has also been known to loosen bowel movements in cases where the medical profession had given up all hope. 

Recently, he achieved a life-long ambition and now owns 90% of the bass guitars that were ever manufactured, often bringing most of the collection to the gig.

Favourite colour: Creamy Peach

Favourite amphibianCrested Newt


aka:Paul. Known as ‘Speedy’ in recognition of his variable timekeeping, he owns a very nice SPARKLY gold kit and would like to make it clear that he has hardly ever been gay!

Speedy’s drumming trademark is pulling ridiculous faces whilst in the process of drumming. He likes to think people are laughing with him, so please don’t spoil the illusion.

Being the oldest member of the band, he has been often been mistaken for Jerry’s father or inappropriate uncle.  He has learned to live with this and is actually slightly proud. 

Favourite colourBandicoot Bronze

Favourite amphibianFire-bellied toad


aka. Mighty Mouse

Dedicated MWG followers may have noticed that JP has stepped down as guitarist, with our original guitarist Jerry Mouse rejoining as a permanent member!  The reason for this move was NOT (as most believe) his overwhelming northern-ness and mispronunciation of the words grass, garage and castle.  The REAL reason was, against the advice of the band, he decided to reproduce TWICE, resulting in charming children and family.  This all sounds good but he has only actually slept four and a half hours in the last two years.  Consequently he is moving on to concentrate fully on his family and biting the heads off bats.  He remains a keen nephew-in-law of Dangermouse, and wants it known that he intends to remain that way despite his lack of sleep.  We suspect he will be back in Deputy-Mouse guise on occasion and we thank him heartily for his sterling service to the cause!  God speed JP!